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Liberation of self

Awaken. Arise. Move forward fearlessly and be the catalyst for your own growth, healing and liberation

Everyone experiences periods of stress, sadness, conflict and feeling alone or stuck – so when you’re feeling off balance, it can be hard to know if it’s time to see a professional about the problem.

These emotions can manifest clinically as feelings of uncertainty (about aspects of your life), feeling overwhelmed as well as limiting your ability to function effectively in your daily life. You may also be too critical of yourself and judge yourself too harshly. Being reactive to people and situations that you don’t like may also be a debilitating factor you are grappling with.

In these situations, the assistance of a psychotherapist will be immensely beneficial in guiding you back to a sense of normality. My aim is to assist you in transforming the challenges and difficulties you may be facing into new possibilities for yourself – in a safe and trusting environment.

When the individual has learned the deep lessons their disease has to teach them, they are re-birthed into a new, higher-evolved life.

Roman Hanis

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It is difficult to let down our guard and acknowledge our hurt, pain and wounds - we all have them. These can impede us by being blind spots that sabotage our relationships and life goals. If we pretend these are not present - it only hurts us and delays our progress. Acknowledge - Release - Heal🤍
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